What follows is my story related to infertility. This is how I felt and lived it:

As for many of you, I went through the IVF … .. I can assure you that it fell on a nice day of August 2013 !!!! We had Yannick quite naturally in 2010. Then after 3 years of unsuccessful trials, in 2013, we decided to go consult. Because for us, as for many other couples, we told ourselves: “Not us! It is not possible that it does not work. We even had one naturally! ”

In August 2013 we were confronted with infertility. Our diagnosis was that a varicocele prevented us from conceiving normally … ..

During our 3 years of unsuccessful attempts, I faced many comments including among others:

Stop thinking about it, it will come already!
Bring your chakras on, you’ll see that will come
Why do not you start Yoga?
Go on vacation, you will see that help you.
Then I lived the pregnancies of all my acquaintances, all her daughters who cried in my face that they were tired, that they had back pain. In fact, they had bugs everywhere! And I envied them. I even had a word one day that happened to me: “I know what it is infertility, I received some hormones to help me …. ”

I just wanted to scream, to cry because I found these people ungrateful.

Unfortunately, popular ignorance did not help me! In fact, I needed more than that. We needed doctors to conceive.

Despite all the admiration I have for people who adopt, it was not conceivable for me, delays too long, complicated processes etc., etc ……

It was OUR choice, a choice maybe considered selfish for some, but I wanted OUR child, which I wanted to wear, just as I had worn Yannick.

It was after 1 insemination and an IVF-ICSI protocol, that our 2nd child was born in 2014, Yoann.

I have two miracles in my life: Yannick my natural miracle and Yoann my FIV miracle.

Both are important in my life, the apple of my eyes!

Protocols can sometimes be long, nothing, but sometimes they lead to the miracle of life, birth …….

Take care of yourself, you will go through highs, downs, an entourage that does not understand, and sometimes does not even understand or so understanding that it becomes stuffy. Infertility is a story of a couple above all, but also of family where EVERYONE must understand or ALL the family even closed it should open ….

I am proud to represent you, and will fight at least to get what every woman is entitled to: