Through the sponsorship project, the Association des couples infertiles du Québec offers support to people who are starting a fertility program.

The concept is to match people who are starting treatment or are preparing to do so with people who have already been there and who could share their experience with them to the best of their knowledge. The goal is to establish a privileged connection between members, as well as to offer an attentive and understanding ear to those who need it – because even though our friends are very compassionate sometimes, they can not always understand us. The godparents will not be there to play the role of doctor and are not required to know everything. They will be there to accompany their “godson” with their heart, to offer support in their approach.

Those interested in being a sponsor or those who wish to benefit from such support are requested to fill out the sponsor-godmother form or a sponsorship application, as the case may be. The project leaders will then propose twinnings according to their profile, and it will be up to the people concerned, if the twinning satisfies them, to agree on the formula that suits them to exchange at their convenience (meetings, email, chat, telephone, etc.). Managers will only serve as intermediaries for contact.

It is important to understand that this service evolves with the use and according to your needs. To qualify, you must be a member in good standing of the association (see tab become a member) and complete the form below