Guided by the renowned fertility acupuncturist Aina Zhang (“An important member of Celine Dion ‘s Dream Team” Le Journal de Montreal 01/06/2010), Clinique Sinocare Inc. has been dedicated to the treatment of infertility since 2005. acupuncture1 and herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine2, Aina has helped to make more than one thousand babies successfully in recent years, despite the fact that the majority of her patients have had several unsuccessful IVFs.

1 Acupuncture can increase IVF pregnancy rates by 43% – the average of 3 studies in Fertility & Sterility 04/2002, 05/2006 & 06/2006.

2 Herbal Medicine Can Increase Fertility by 200% – Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Herbal Medicine in Managing Female Infertility (Efficacy of TCM’s Herbal Medicine in the Management of Female Infertility), Complementary Therapies in Medicine 10/2011

A graduate of Rosemont College and a member of the Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec since 1998, I practice acupuncture in Montreal where I opened a clinic on Plateau Mont-Royal. I have completed training in obstetric acupuncture and have been working with several fertility clinics in the Montreal area since 2004. In addition to being a teaching assistant during internships at Lasalle Hospital, I was a member of Associated acupuncturists; the day care team serving Lasalle Hospital for women wishing to use acupuncture during childbirth.

Over the years, my practice has focused mainly on pregnant women and women with fertility problems. Having had difficulty conceiving myself, nothing is more gratifying to me than to help them to get pregnant and accompany them throughout their pregnancy. During my 16 years of experience, I helped many women access their dream of having a child.