What if we adopt a child?
After a long journey in assisted procreation, you may have arrived at a time in your life when you are thinking of adopting? You ask yourself a lot of questions like:

Where do I go to get all the relevant information about adoption?
How to get help choosing the country of origin of the child?
Provincial adoption (by the DPJ), how does it work?
I would like to become a “mixed bank” host family, what should I expect?
What is the rate of return in biological families of children placed in a mixed bank?
What are the waiting times for each type of adoption?
Will my infertile condition be taken into account during my adoption process?
I have heard about the attachment syndrome that affects many adopted children, what is it?
Is the risk worth the effort?
I feel strong enough to embark on the mixed bank adoption adventure, but are there any organizations that would allow me to adopt a child here without much expectation?

The ACIQ wants to help you find answers and determine if this new stage of life is right for you.

Where do I go to get all the relevant information about adoption?

There are two unavoidable sources, which give a lot of information (waiting times, costs if necessary, procedures, etc.).

For international or interprovincial adoption, consult the website of the Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale (SAI) http://adoption.gouv.qc.ca
For provincial adoption, there is the association of youth centers http://www.acjq.qc.ca
How to get help choosing the country of origin of the child?

The Intercountry Adoption Secretariat has the complete list of accredited bodies for intercountry adoption (it is good to know that you can not do private adoption as it is done in France, here it is mandatory to treat with an organism). In addition, you can also consult a list that gives a good idea of ​​the costs for each country. Afterwards, if you are still hesitating, you can phone the secretariat, an agent will be happy to inform you and guide you according to your expectations. If waiting times are your biggest concern, be aware that some countries offer older children or siblings, so wait times are shorter than for a single baby.

Provincial adoption (by the DPJ), how does it work?

There is regular adoption (abandonment at birth) in Quebec, but it is very rare, the waiting period is 10 to 15 years.
There is adoption “mixed bank”; you will be a host family for a few years, the time that the DPJ proves to the judge that the biological parents do not mobilize enough to recover their child. During the process, you will be entitled to several stages of “good news”. First, the twinning, then the 6 months of regular placement. It is during these stages that the risk of losing the child is highest. Subsequently, everything depends on the file. You can quickly have a placement until the child’s majority … This will ensure that the DPJ must return to class to withdraw the child. In addition, the parent loses part of his parental rights that the DPJ recovers, but he does not lose all his rights. The supervised visits between the child and his parent will remain present, some parents hold, others do not … And it is only when the parent agrees to sign the parental deprivation or that there has been no visit since long as the judge agrees to pronounce the adoption. Finally, if you are lucky, you will have the adoption order that transfers you all parental rights, the name change, and even your name under the titles “mother” and “father” on the baptistery of the child .